Simple Hacks For Moving Home In the Abu Dhabi

Simple Hacks For Moving Home In the Abu Dhabi

Everyone dreads going, and yet the average person will move 11.7 times in their life. Here are three hacks to simplify the method.

The act of relocating is never easy, and this is particularly true when you’re in a foreign country, with methods that are like a maze to navigate. And while there are enough home-moving checklists and information columns out there to immerse the internet, what about the stuff that no one really talks concerning? You know, the handy tips, insider hints, and local information from the people who have actually experienced all the little differences Abu Dhabi has to offer. So, here are few life hacks for moving into a new home that will take all the guesswork out and put you behind in control. Simple Hacks For Moving Home In the Abu Dhabi.


Once you have settled on the where and how, you will normally end up paying around 15% higher than the amount listed, thanks to agency and deposit fees at 6% each. This means that moving costs can increase quickly if you’re not careful. But worry not, if you learn one thing while living in Abu Dhabi, it’s that what you see is never actually the final payment.

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Yes, Abu Dhabi still uses cheques for shopping, at least when it comes to property. In the past, agents and owners expected residents to pay in one cheque for the year, but thankfully that work is being phased out, giving more flexibility for amounts. With an excess of empty homes on the store, it’s easier than ever to accommodate on your terms when it comes to price and fee schedule. Tenants can pay the rent in one fee or through multiple installments as agreed with the agent/owner. In addition, some agents may require a commission fee, up to 6 percent of the total amount of rent. However, and as more supply overwhelmed the market, you can accommodate the number of cheques to four or six cheques, or even get bank credits, to pay rent in multiple installments. After all, who has 200,000 AED just lying about?

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Take our opinion, if you find a piece that you like, don’t waste time bargaining back and forth. Know what you are made to handle and on what terms, then show the landowner your promise with four or six cheques. Most landowners are still uncomfortable with monthly installments as this is still fairly new, so by making that trust early on, you may be in a better place down the line to accommodate more cheques for revision.

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