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If you are looking for a Frim which you can trust and value not only the furniture but to the client, then we are the one. We value our clients like how we value the furniture that they are selling to us. We buy used furniture in Mustafa H and that includes furniture. We buy all of that at the best price that the quality of the furnishing. Furniture like dining tables, computer tables, or else in your office we buy all of them.

We also buy Tv rack, shoe rack, book Draw and any other furniture that you can see in your house. We do checking of the furnishing first; its quality, condition, color before giving the amount on how much we will buy it. We only buy furniture that is in good condition and that can still be used by others. We can visit your Home & do the checking if you will be moving to another country and you want to sell your furniture to us so we can give you the best price. We assure you that our customers are happy with the prices so they know that they can trust us when it comes to selling their furniture. Visit Our Store Furniture Buyers and we will be very happy to help you anywhere.


Al Mussafah furniture buys all kinds of furniture from office and home. We give good prices for all the appliances that you will see to us as we finished the quality of the items that you will sell. We give importance to the appliance and this is why we are the best buyers of used furniture in Mussafah. used home appliances Mussafah

We can assure you that we can be able to assist you anytime and anywhere in Abu Dhabi.

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